A little about me

Emma Lopes is an artist and illustrator, born in Scotland and brought up in the rolling hills of Somerset, UK. She studied Fine Art at University of the Arts London and at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spending time in wild places is her favourite pastime and mother nature is her muse. A core belief which filters into every aspect of her work is that all life is interconnected. Working in watercolour, gouache, collage, and sometimes even marine debris, she uses detail, pattern and colour to focus our attention on the vibrancy and wonder of nature. Her art is a form of activism through celebration of a world we must fight to protect. Emma now lives in Lisbon where she makes both large scale paintings and illustrations for publications.

"I cannot remember a time in my life that I wasn’t driven to create; it was my first and greatest passion. It’s my way of exploring, making sense of and reflecting on the world. Allowing myself the time to notice minutiae and a humble realisation of the magnificence of nature combined with imagination. Connection to the natural world remains a big feature of my artwork both as a source of awe and beauty and also as a stimulus for the imagination. I am also fascinated by how human beings have tried to make sense of the universe and of our place in it over the millennia, so folk tales and mythology are a huge source of inspiration."

Clients and Collabortions:
New York Wild, Shark Allies, Vinatge (publishers) Penguin Random House, E5 Bakehouse, The Bodley Head, Harper, Surf Shack Puzzles, Chatto & Windus, Hutchinson, Trunks & Leaves, Jiggy Puzzles, Humphries & Begg, Babidibu Libros, The Sketchbook Project, UniPress, Parents for Future, Palm Greens, E5 Bakehouse, Terramovement